Purchase and sales mediation

Villacus acts as intermediary in the sale and purchase of land and property in rural areas, with an emphasis on high-end residences and castles as well as country houses, cottages and estates throughout the Netherlands in particular and Western Europe in general.

Outside The Netherlands Villacus has partnerships with local certified real estate specialists, who know the local market the best. Nevertheless Villacus will always remain your one and only contact.

Transactions in which Villacus acts as intermediary may focus on the client’s personal use but may also regard future development of new country estates, new nature, water management or infrastructural developments as well as permanent or recreational building.

Private Sales

Private Sales is a form of sales where the customer chooses that the property is not, or not yet, introduced to the public market. The house will however be placed in Villacus portfolio.

Sellers can opt for a variety of reasons to choose for quiet sale. So not everyone finds it pleasant to have their house 'for sale' or one is only prepared to sell under certain conditions. It is also possible that a home seller intends to sell the house on long (er) term and prefers to explore the opportunities for selling the house without having the property presented to the public market.

Villacus does keep the property in its portfolio and has all relevant documentation available, but does not yet list the property active on the Internet (Luxury Real Estate.com, Funda, etc.), unless the seller chooses to do so. In addition, there will be no sale sign in the garden or on the facade.

If a house in Private Sales does meet the search profile of a potential buyer, the latter will of course be informed on the details of the house. Furthermore the seller is open to inspections and any bids will be accepted.

Also, viewers who drop off at other similar properties are made aware of the offers in private sale.

Private Sales is a discrete and reliable method of selling where you only will be visited by a selected number of serious and pre-screened potential buyers.

If you are looking for a house yourself, it is likely that your ideal home is for sale too, but it is not known to the market.

Are you curious about the possibilities? We regularly have very interesting properties for sale that are not officially on the market.

Let us know what you are looking for and we will identify the homes in private sale by Villacus and brokers in the area where you are looking for that perfect home.

Information only through info@villacus.com